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Corporate Spa Parties

mobileSPA parties make great office parties. Celebrate a new client. Welcome your new CEO. Ring in the New Fiscal Year. Congratulate your team on an outstanding performance with a mobileSPA Spa Party. Custom designed for your business.

mobileSPA Spa Parties are also great for:


Employee Team Building


Employee Recognition


Going-Away Parties


Holiday Parties


Merger Parties


Record Sales

Corporate Massage

Mobile SPA makes good business sense. Massage therapy is a benefit that offers big returns on the investment. Companies that have offered weekly fifteen-minute massages for employees have noted decreased complaints of headache, back strain, and fatigue. Employers who offer massage services to employees also report lowered turn-over rates.

A study done by the Touch Research Institute at The University of Miami indicates that after massage, research subjects demonstrate enhanced alertness and performance. Massage has also been shown to reduce anxiety and fatigue in high-stress jobs.

The American Institute for Stress estimates that one million workers are absent from their jobs each day because of stress. Stress costs US industry more than $300 billion.

mobileSPA delivers stress-reducing, work-enhancing massage and spa services to your workplace. Add mobileSPA to your list of employee benefits. Reward employees for a job well done with mobileSPA.


American workers tired of long commutes, long hours and long months between vacations should take heart. Relief is on the way! Not in the form of 401(k) plans and financial perks, but as facials, massages and other “spa” treatments once reserved for the elite of Europe and America.

The newest health benefit craze offered by U.S. companies involves pampering employees with a “on-call day spa,” courtesy of Boston-based mobileSPA, which brings European spa and wellness services to the offices of overworked and overwrought employees. mobileSPA brings everything from the massage table and masseuse to the manicurist and aroma-therapeutic candles to the client’s workplace — acting as a sort of spa “catering service.”

Companies can improve employee morale and productivity (and impress clients and prospects) with mobileSPA’s two corporate packages. Employers can: (A) reward and invigorate workers by paying for particular treatments, or (B) hire mobileSPA to set up an on-site “day spa” for people who don’t have time to leave the office.

mobileSPA professionals utilize a holistic approach towards Wellness and SPA and take pride in adhering to the highest standards of sanitation and personal hygiene. By joining forces with a variety of firms, mobileSPA has proven that a simple, affordable method of reducing worker tension, benefits the client and the company alike.

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