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Brilliant Managers on the Cutting Edge Agree
The latest in workplace incentives, wellness services separate companies with superior employee performance from those with marginal employee retention. The stress of deadlines and client interactions can melt away with a visit from mobileSPA.

A more relaxed staff is a more productive workforce. An employee who feels valued is more inclined to go the extra mile when needed. And the corporate investment is minimal.

Provide a refreshing midday experience to breakup the frantic pace of tax seaon.
Your valued staff will appreciate:

  • The creation of a positive attitude in the workplace
  • The reduced muscle stress and tension
  • The increased physical and emotional well-being
  • The enhanced focus, mental acuity and attention span

All courtesy of mobileSPA.

Therapeutic Massage

Back in 15 …Relax! A 15 minute revitalizing chair massage using traditional acupressure massage techniques.
UnTENSE – A Shiatsu massage of physical and energy rebalance.

Hand and Foot therapy

BlackBerry Balm Hand Massage
Restorative foot massage for the stiletto feet
Nourishing Herbal Manicure and Pedicure

Massages and Manicures are the two most frequently requested workplace services. A full menu of services is available to suit your needs and employee preferences.

All members of the mobileSPA staff are certified and licensed health and wellness professionals with extensive training and experience.

To receive a customized quote of our corporate wellness for the tax season, please call : 800-651-4740 or send an e-mail to

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