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Timely rewarding opportunity

mobileSPA featured among TOP 10 2005 ventures with GNC, Thermal Massage Bed and the likes .. Click here to read on..

Since mobileSPA's launch we have been fielding calls from all over United States and Canada. Our business opportunity is an unprecedented one to the deserving. In spite of the economic slowdown, certain sectors of the economy have retained their furor purely due to the direction that the world economy is headed for. You've guessed right - the newest economic wave of the millennium – Health and wellness.
Devika Mukherjee, recently interviewed with CNN Money Magazine and Wall Street Journal, says 'branding is the key to success of any business regardless of size'. She stresses, 'A brand is something that exists in the collective mind of the consumer,it is an organisation's personality. The brand is the promise that you make to your customer. Without a brand you're only a small business.'

" The mobileSPA name and brand is unbeatable. It is far easier to attain success with the upcoming name than it is if you´re called 'Spa to Go' OR 'traveling mobile day spa'. mobileSPA makes it easy to go into business. It's an industry leader. If you have a problem with anything, you just pick up the phone and someone from the headquaters is there to help. "
Smita Majumder, Boston, MA
" mobileSPA is such an exciting concept! I have spent four years in the fashion/retail business and am a self-professed spa addict. I love to be pampered and I am looking forward to providing these pampering services to others through mobileSPA! Baltimore will love everything mobileSPA has to offer! "
Rachel Ciufo, Baltimore, MD.

" Richmond is a city on the move, Richmonders embrace newness in service oriented business and we love the be the first to experience those things. Richmond market will love all the services we provide through mobileSPA. On the personal front, I currently own a mobile notary business and like the idea of the flexibility in my own schedule as well as being my own boss. "
Carletta Pittman Wilson, VA.

" Success they say is 'where preparation and opportunity meet'. Every day, new business ventures are created. Some of these businesses will succeed, but many will fall by the wayside. One key factor that will help you succeed is 'association'. Most small businesses fail because of lack of vision in management. Mobile spa opportunity is for people who have recognized the niche and have the entreprenuerial vision. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way to make you successful. Your success is our priority. "
mobileSPA Management Team.
"Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. That is what led me to choose mobileSPA. It did not make business sense for me to spend years and to establish a successful brand when I could have immediate access to a successful business system and a brand name which others already have made successful"
Terri, mobileSPA NYC.




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